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Protection and conservation

We actively support initiatives aimed at protecting and conserving the biodiversity and cultural value of Madagascar.

Sustainable Tourism

Our goal is to transform tourism into a sustainable and equitable economic driver within local communities.

Training and awareness

We seek to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

Who we are

An environmental and humanitarian association in Madagascar

Vivy Green and Humanity is an environmental association founded in 2020 by Vivy Travel Madagascar. Although our main area of activity focuses on environmental and sustainable initiatives, we also support humanitarian actions, which are at the heart of our mission. Based at the heart of the action in Madagascar and witnessing first-hand what is happening today with the destruction of our natural resources due to the lack of stable sources of income, our aim is to promote the local economy through tourism, making our activities accessible and beneficial to the local community, while minimising our environmental impact. We are committed to educating the local community through accessible educational programmes, raising environmental awareness, building resilience to climate change and promoting sustainable adaptation.

Our commitment to a more sustainable future

Tourism as a driver of conservation :

Tourism acts as a driver for conservation by enhancing and preserving local natural and cultural resources through responsible and sustainable practices. We support local communities and raise visitor awareness of the crucial importance of environmental conservation.

Fulfilling and benefiting local communities :

Through our activities, we strive to strengthen and support local communities by providing opportunities for sustainable development, education, and well-being. We aim to enhance their autonomy and resilience in addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges

Education and awareness-raising for all :

Crucial elements we highlight in shaping a sustainable future include providing essential knowledge about current environmental issues, promoting responsible behaviour, strengthening community commitment to conservation and sustainability, preparing younger generations to become environmental leaders, and promoting global understanding and cooperation to tackle global challenges.

A measurable and transparent impact :

We aim to be recognised for our results-driven approach, demonstrating a tangible impact on environmental conservation, the well-being of local communities and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

our initiatives in action

We look forward to your support

Urban Reforestation and Tree Planting Programme

We mobilise our partners to take part in urban reforestation programmes and support responsible associations in outlying areas.

Environmental education and community awareness

We aim to educate and raise public understanding of environmental issues and best practices for protecting nature.

Sustainable and responsible ecotourism practices

We promote tourism experiences that respect and preserve the natural and cultural environment, while bringing socio-economic benefits to local communities.

Come and visit Madagascar with us

Travelling to Madagascar with a fresh perspective :

At Greeny, we understand the importance of sustainable travel. Over the years, we have worked closely with local people, village associations, rights organisations and travel agencies to offer you trips that are far removed from the usual itineraries, that encourage encounters, discoveries and cultural exchanges, such as camping in the open air, minimising car journeys and staying with local people to develop the local economy. Part of our profits are donated to organisations working to protect and conserve the environment, as well as to humanitarian associations. We also support sustainable projects.